“Cassia DeMayo is, as of yet, an almost blank page in the annals of jazz, but her voice! It has the potential, depth and breadth to open the stages of the world. It’s full, mellow, and soft like butter, a true pleasure to listen to.”                                                                    -Ivan Rod, GAFFA-Denmark, May 2015 (4/6)
“DIVA DEMAYO! …Music reminiscent of, and filled with a 1950’s West Coast jazz vibe and dressed in DeMayo’s warm, sensual, world class vocal…”
 -Martin Loft, LOFTsKAMMER, June 10 2015 (4/5)
“At the end of May, this album, by Cassia DeMayo, was released… I listen to a lot of music, trying to find a match with my radio-station. Listening to the different tracks on “Heart, We Will Forget Him” it was like YES! And I added 5 tracks of this album to my playlist…”
-Virgina Music-Amsterdam, June 14, 2015